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Shrinkage, Loss prevention or just theft ... it costs everyone money!Retail loss prevention8

     This software will track up to 100 employees, vendors or guests on three different shifts one month at a time or at any smaller time frame appropriate for your application.


     The user can customize the dates, shifts and/or events as necessary.


Having a problem right now?  Just collect the schedules and shortage paperwork from the last thirty days and enter an entire month’s history right now and get some answers!


Then…. Start a new file with today’s information and track the next 30 days.  After you fill out the last day in the series, change the date and the input of the first day to the current date and info.  Then change the second entry the following day and on and on.  Let the program continue in a loop as long as is necessary,  or make it part of your operations plan to the future.

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Learn where your profits (and bonuses?) are going.


Evaluate the last 30 days for FREE right now and get some clear and useful answers !


Click Here for screen shots and see exactly how easy the software is to use!

Retail loss prevention10

1 st!


Please make a new folder named  “Staffing” on your desktop (right click) and then click below to download your free trial.


Free Functional

Demo/Trial !


Licensing available through the demo/trial software.



Only ..$39.95


MS Excel required


System requirements:

Windows 2000/ XP/ Vista/ 7

MS Excel 2000/ XP/ 2003/ 2007


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